Dr. Vignesh Devraj

Ayurvedic Physician

Eminent Ayurvedic Physician from Thrissur, Kerala.

In 1921, with the blessings of HH Sir Sri Rama Varma XV, the Maharaja of Cochin, my great grandfather found SITARAM. He had the foresight to see that preserving the purity of classic Ayurvedic drug formulations and in modernizing the preparations, lay the future of Ayurveda.

Today as I play my part in what he began so many years ago, I find that the same vision continues to inspire me. For me and my family SITARAM and Ayurveda are not just a business that has been passed down four generations; it is what drives us forward. It is our legacy.

By 2021, when we celebrate our 100 years in business, we would have helped 500,000 individuals through our lineage’s special Panchakarma detoxification treatments. I offer this clinical treatment at SITARAM Beach Retreat, Kerala, in an environment that appeals to our discerning guests. Our vision is to guide humanity achieve sustained optimal health.

As a physician and an intrepid world traveler, I am always looking for ways to engage with my clients abroad and understand their unique lifestyle and health challenges. I chiefly focus on women’s health because women in the modern world, are struggling with unprecedented levels of stress at work and more so, in their homes. Our homes are not safe places for our women anymore.

This level of stress is killing the modern woman. We have hormonal disruptions,inflammation related pain, early arthritis, elevated heart disease and cancer has become a common word. Which is why I travel 8 months a year, talking to women and the men who love them, in Europe and the United States about Panchakarma, because Ayurveda can help reset your health. Then its easier to maintain it with lifestyle adjustments.

My very best to your health and happiness,

Dr. Vignesh Devraj Ramanathan, BAMS, MD (Ayu)

Pulse Diagnoses:

This is an ancient non-invasive diagnostic technique. By placing three fingers on your pulse (wrist) I am able to gauge the rhythm and intensity of the vibrations of your heart beat, the blood flow, its thickness etc. This tells me about the health of your vital organs. From the details of your lifestyle and health concerns I may be able to pinpoint problem areas that could be developing into full blown disorder. This requires at least one hour of your time.

Vaastu Consultation:

Have you wondered why you are drawn to a favorite spot in your home? Are there areas you simply avoid? The answer lies in the balance of energy. Spaces that are in harmony naturally attract.

Vaastu is an ancient environmentally sound building practice from India. Vaastu and Ayurveda work on the five elements. Each element has a special placement and in the wrong place can create negative energy. Vaastu follows the Earth’s magnetic field, rotational axis and the Sun’s orientation.

Once the space is balanced, the inhabitant thinks positively and has an increased sense of well-being.

Vaastu consultation requires 3-4 hours depending on the size of your home.

Case 1: Pulse Daignosis

Lady in her 60s, complained about sleep difficulties and waking up tired. She slept late at 2 a.m., suppressed her bowel movements and did not eat on time. On pulse diagnoses, her blood was found to have increased turbidity. This showed that her blood purification and liver function was impaired. On further testing she was found to have a fatty liver syndrome.

Case 2: Vaastu Consultation

Owner of prestigious Glass factory approached with labor issues. The factory was doing well in terms of sales but the management was in constant conflict with the workers. After Vaastu consultation, owner’s office was found to be in a place of ‘fire’. This created frequent upsets. The workers meeting space was in the place of ‘wind’, this created agitation. The entry and exit gates were not suitably placed. Once the owner shifted his office, moved the worker’s rest area and swapped the entry and exit gates, harmony increased.Owner was able to raise the prices on his products, he acquired a celebrity customer and the celebrity customer is negotiating the purchase of a new glass factory. The owner is selecting the new site based on the Vaastu principles he was taught during the consultation.

Case 3: Vaastu Consultation

A married couple in their 30s, with two children, were on the brink of divorce. Both the partners were seeing others romantically. As a last resort they decided to give Vaastu a try. The master bedroom was found to have mirrors, fixtures and furniture placed in a way that created negative energy. No picture of the couple together was found. Changes were made to the mirrors, furniture and fixtures in the home. The heating unit in the basement needed to be partitioned off with a door to create a new element of space. Today the couple report to be going out on weekly dates and have abandoned their plans for a divorce.


Private Consultations available from August 14 to April 24, 2017
Consultation Fee: $120 / Hour

Please email Salila Sukumaran or
text 714 599 4792 with your inquiry

Private Kerala Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis and Consultation – 1 – 1 1/2 Hour

Private Vaastu Consultation – 3-4 Hours depending on size of location.

  • Shift the energy of your home, office, a vacant land or factory
  • Marital, health, finance, litigation issues helped by re-balancing energy of environment
  • Learn the basic principles and apply to all your future projects

Wheel chair bound senior with Multiple Sclerosis walks after 14 day Panchakarma Detoxification

(Transcript of interview with German Publication)

What does Ayurveda mean for you?

It’s a user’s manual on how to live your life to its fullest. People believe it’s a massage system or good for all the left over disorders modern system cannot treat. Ayurveda gives the most important foundation for all that you can have in a successful life, which is a healthy body and mind. You cannot dance on a platform that is shaky. Hence be it materialistic or spiritual desires, a strong healthy body is the foundation for both. Ayurveda is more relevant today than ever for the current humanity living a life of instant gratification than any other time in the history of mankind.

How is Ayurveda connected with your family?

My great grandfather and his nephew started the company Sitaram Ayurveda pharmacy with the instruction and blessings of the then maharaja of Cochin, for making Ayurveda medicines available for the people in his kingdom. And it has passed over 4 generations.

Your great grandfather Balarama Iyer was heading Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy established in the year 1921 by the Maharaja of Cochin. What was the role of the institute then & what is now?

Those days the medicines were prepared by the Vaidhya and prescribed by himself. But now with automation and operational efficiency making of medicines is separate and doctor’s role is more focused towards diagnosis and prescription. As the company grew with its demand now we have two hospitals and over 450 outlets in India for our medicines. We were the first Ayurveda company in India to be certified as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and became a role model institute in bringing technology in making quality Ayurveda drugs adhering to its tradition.

Why have you decided to transfer SITARAM to Ayurveda resort?

Sitaram is not a resort it’s a clinic but the fact that it’s beach facing and has a wonderful garden it’s easy to mistake us for a spa resort. We realize there are many excellent clinics which give intense Ayurveda healing and are run by great doctors but lack the operational efficiency and natural ambience that you find in a resort. On the other hand we see too many resorts which are too good with external treatments like massages and great natural surroundings like garden beach or river, but it lacks the intense healing and diagnosis that is done at an authentic clinic. Here at sitaram beach retreat we are taking the best of both, you have a real clinic facing a beach with intense panchakarma treatments. Some of the treatments that we do are really intense and doing the same in a clinic where the only way to spend time is by watching TV or being inside a concrete room, is not a complete healing for body and soul, hence such a place with best of both is highly needed and it is the future of real healing.

What does make SITARAM different from other resorts?

We are not a resort, we are an Ayurveda clinic. Our purpose is to guide humanity achieve sustained optimum health. Only guests who desire real healing and inner transformation as their number one priority will be able to benefit from us, as we do not have the facilities to satisfy guests with leisure needs. We do not serve nor allow alcohol and non-vegetarian food. We try to source locally produced organic food as much as possible and our menu is mostly according to the produce that is seasonally available. We do not use white sugar, white flour, tasting agents, flavouring agents or colouring agents. We try to prepare the food that is healthy for body mind and soul.
Unlike the typical feedback you get from a resort where guests say it was great service, delicious food and smiling people, the feedback we get is completely different. Our feedback is more like – now I sleep better and wake up fresh, my digestion is far better and I taste food better, finally the taste buds are working. After a real Panchakarma people say it’s an altogether new life, new energy and finally they feel they are living in a real body.

What is the role of yoga & meditation during treatment?

We request guests to follow yoga only on days when intense treatments are not done. For example on the days of sneha pana (progressive ghee therapy) complete physical rest is advised. On other days yoga helps and we also do therapeutic yoga that helps to alleviate cervical spondylosis, back pain, insomnia and obesity. We recommend guests to do pranayama as it enhances the healing done with panchakarma.
Meditation especially during panchakarma accelerates the process of healing as it helps to unite the body mind and soul, which synergizes well with Ayurveda treatment. Healing is not just physical it’s much more than that, hence meditation, pranayama and yoga plays a vital role in the overall healing if done properly.

Are you conducting any specific Ayurveda trainings for clients?

Yes we have a program for people interested to know about Ayurveda, panchakarma and also yoga. This is conducted once a year. You may contact our office for the upcoming dates. We are also a registered yoga school accredited by the yoga alliance.

How would you describe role of Ayurveda today?

We live in one of the best times of humanity where everything is abundant. But we are really not able to make the most out of it. We have so much delicious food available but people still don’t have energy to do what they want, we have the best shelters and comfortable mattresses and still insomnia and sleep disorders are more rampant than ever, causing various other stress related disorders. We have all the technologies to connect with people all over the world but people still complain of being lonely. Our health care system focuses too much on investigations and defining the disease but we really don’t focus on understanding the root cause and find solutions to eliminate it. According to Ayurveda all this is happening because of pranjaparadha (misuse of free will), and the fact that we take everything for granted, we are saturated with comfort, like taking too much of sugar can make us numb to sweetness, we are saturated, and Ayurveda has a great solution for this problem, a powerful solution that can eliminate its root cause. We at Sitaram focus in delivering the aspect of Ayurveda which eliminates this root cause.

You have visited Europe several times, how do you see role of Ayurveda there?

Europe has a great standard of life, but like I said before people are highly stressed, can’t sleep and lack the energy they really deserve to enjoy the comforts that is available. And Ayurveda is a powerful medium to enhance the quality of life in all aspects, be it in health, sleep, energy, productivity or relationships. Many guests after undergoing intense panchakarma treatments at Sitaram say now they can sleep better and wakeup with full of energy and whatever they used to get done in days they say it’s possible to get it done in much lesser time as they are able to focus much better, and they do not crave for unhealthy food.

Anything, you would like to mention...?

All you have to do is decide to come here and the hardest part is over.