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Packing List for A Panchakarma Cleanse

Packing List for Ayurvedic Panchakarma Cleanse

Packing for an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Cleanse, time to channel Greta Garbo.

  1. A spirit of adventure
  2. Cotton Tops – 5-8
  3. Cotton Pants – 3
  4. Conservative walking shorts – 2-3
  5. Long Skirts to double as beach cover ups- 2
  6. Lightweight Jeans – 1
  7. Scarves – Large cotton, to tie into a turban during bathing restrictions- 3-4
  8. Light Woolen Shawl or Thick cotton Indian Scarf – 1
  9. Modest swimsuit or better still, Rashguard and boy shorts – 2-3
  10. Indian cotton Salwar and Pants – 2-3
  11. Cotton underwear – 8-10
  12. Quick drying Bras – 3-4
  13. Modest Nightwear – 3-4
  14. Modest Yoga wear – 4-5 sets
  15. Flip-flops – 1
  16. Flat or low heeled comfortable Sandals -1
  17. Sunhat – 1
  18. Sunglasses – 1
  19. An easy to pack hobby you enjoy – Water colors, Ukelele, knitting perhaps !
  20. Light Reading – As much as you like, the Retreat has rather heavy spiritual volumes.
  21. Strong Laundry Detergent powder – enough for 6-8 washes
  22. The book(s) / idol / thing you turn to, to weather life’s storms, if they come.

To Note :

  • Robes are provided during treatments
  • Laundry facility is available and charged extra
  • Rooms come with dryer racks and sinks for washing laundry
  • Iron box available with Front Office. Please use liberally on panty lining during the monsoon. Humidity and extra sweating may cause rashes and yeast infections. 

Happy Cleasing and Purging ! 🙂

Twelve Benefits of a Panchakarma Cleanse

Panchakarma Cleanse

Twelve Benefits of Panchakarma Cleanse

According to the ancient texts, here are the twelve benefits to a yearly Panchakarma Cleanse:

  1. Restores youth: Notice those who regularly perform Panchakarma, good chances are you won’t be able to tell their age.
  2. Removes mental and physical fatigue. Once the vata, pitta and kapha are balanced, the mind and the body feels lighter and energetic. I do not eat as much as I used to and have much more energy.
  3. Reduces perturbed Vata. The generous oil massages, steaming and internal medications help reduce vata. Pertrubed vata can lead to joint issues and arthritis, just like lack of lubrication leads to squeaky joints in machinery. My joints are noticeably more supple and flexible.
  4. Improves eyesight. My eye sight is pretty bad to begin with (-8 and -9), I have not seen any changes in my sight but my eyes are certainly not as dry as before.
  5. Increases strength. My body is noticeably stronger. I am able to lift my daughter, do shoulder stands and lift heavy furniture without strain or fatigue.
  6. Longevity. I plan to do a panchakarma every year, we will see about longevity. Its not hard to believe.
  7. Promotes good sleep. This has certainly been my experience once the soothing Pizhichil massage was done.
  8. Tone the skin. My extremely dry skin has somewhat calmed down. I continue to have an oil bath at night, as was prescribed by my physician.
  9. Tolerance against injuries. It has been a month since my Panchakarma, I have not noticed anything particular but usually, I am always bumping into things and have bruises on me. I don’t see any sore spots on my body.
  10. Protection from wind and phlegm related diseases: I have not caught a cold yet inspite of shifting my home, having major stressors in my significant relationships and embarking on this new purpose. I normally do fall sick when stressed.
  11. Tolerance against diseases: The massages received during a panchakarma strengthen the flow of lymph, blood, tones the flesh,tendons and nerves, helps strengthen the bones, teeth and nails and improves the health of our marrow and sexual organs and fluids. My nails are noticeably clearer and my teeth are whiter.
  12. Improves skin color: I am certainly a more asthetically pleasing skin tone than before. From dark honey I have gone to a more golden tone, which I like better.

Some tips:

If you have never done Panchakarma, it is better to do it with a good friend. Panchakarma intitiates a powerful reset and reboot of the mind as well as the body and that may bring challenges, if on your own.

If you can afford it, check into a facility to do Panchakarma instead of at home. The medicines, timings of treatment, food regimen has to all come together for optimal results. Diet is a key aspect of a good Panchakarma.

Panchakarma cleanse must be approached with caution if you are clinically depressed or going through a major stressor in life. Have your therapist’s, friends and supportive family member’s number and email handy.

At the retreat I did my Panchakarma, Wifi was shut off when the residents had sleep problems. If you are in a similar facility where the Physicians are carefully monitoring your sleep and device usage, you may find yourself cut off from the world for extended periods. Have a therapuetic hobby handy to keep your sanity.

Please share how your Panchakarma cleanse has changed your life. I am all ears.

Panchakarma Detoxification: How it worked for me


The blooming of the thousand petaled lotus.

This sample schedule is based on my prakriti (Vata) and my ailment (Gyn issue), yours could look very different. However the five evacuative processes mentioned here will be followed in roughly the same order. The durations might be different for you.

Day 0: Determining the body type, ailment and treatment course.

Day 1-3: Exfoliation and Nasal cleansing followed by steam bath.

Day 4: Rest before Ghee therapy. Oil massage and steam bath.

Day 5-8: Ghee Therapy to bind the toxins.

Day 9: Purgation

Day 10 -15: Generous oil massage and Nasal Cleansing.

Day 16 – 19: Oil and herbal decoction Enemas.

How I have personally benefited from a Panchakarma

  • Lost 10 pounds and keeping it off, its been a month.
  • Lost an inch off my body overall
  • No more driving related and social anxieties
  • Calm and centered, even during great stress
  • Look much younger
  • Skin is clear
  • Eat more fruit, more vegetables, less carbs and meat
  • Completely avoid certain foods
  • Cook simple meals every day, rarely eat out
  • Continue my daily yoga and meditation
  • Great sleep quality
  • Energized with purpose
  • Deeper spiritually
  • Sing and dance more often

Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 16 – 19: Vasti – the Grand Finale

Panchakarma Enema Vasti Basti

Time to spring clean where the sun don’t shine.

Vasti (Wuh-sthee) enema is the grand finale to the Panchakarma journey but before we ride off into the sunset, some pesky details.

1st day of Vasti : Medicated Oil Enema. Hold it for as long as you can.

2nd day of Vasti : Herbal Decoction Enema, in a large quantity. Go as soon as you have an urge.

3rd day of Vasti : Two Enemas, one medicated oil one in the morning and one in the evening with a large quantity of herbal decoction. Need I say more?

4th day of Vasti : The final oil enema, to end all enemas.

The Enemas at the Retreat are done under a physician’s supervision with two attendants to massage the tummy, back and the nether regions. All equipment is sterilized and precautions taken to make it a pleasant experience.

My experience in retrospect:

Um, I had never done anything like this but I am glad I did. I had a good night’s sleep after a long time of not sleeping. I felt like my old self, singing and dancing with my little girl.

It was time to say good bye to the retreat and all the amazing physicians, management and staff I had gotten to know. It is to give them thanks and to recognize what great work they do, that I have made it my mission to take more of us there and experience the transformation I did.

Disclaimer : I do not make any commissions from my recommendations, I write about my experience to educate and inform.

My Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 10-15 : Pizhichil and Nasyam

Pizhichil Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment

Pizhichil massage, an essential part of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment.

After the agonies of Snehapana and Vamana (Read,if curious, Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 4-8- Snehapana: Into the deep dark woods…),rest cure begins with Pizhichil (pee-zhee-chill) massage. 

This is really a gentle massage of the skin using a continuous stream of warmer-than-body-temperature medicated oil.

Two attendants pour warm luscious medicated oil in a soothing stream all over the body, in the seven positions that Ayurveda prescribes. The excess oil is gently massaged off the skin in relaxing strokes. You are literally drenched and a bit like a wet chunk of soap in a shower. The attendants are super careful to prevent any slippages and accidents.

Pizhichil massage is a balm to the body and soul. You feel a settling.

Pizhichil is followed by a steam bath and then Nasyam. After the prescribed medicated oil is poured into each nostril, fumigation of the nasal passages is followed by gargling. (For details on Nasyam, please read “Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 1-3: Exfoliation and Nose busting.”)

Pizhichil Treatment Benefits:

The warm oil helps loosen the fat deposits under the skin and the steaming helps sweat out toxins. What is dislodged under the skin gets taken to the vital organs for purification. Skin and muscles get toned. Any residual emotions that need addressing start to manifest, some people get angry, some sad, some happy.

The body gets hot, I could literally feel my body buzzing with energy and heat. The restructuring has begun in earnest.

My experience in retrospect:

The days that followed the Vamana, were hard for me. I was coming undone and yoga, meditation and faith in the Almighty kept me going. The Pizhichil helped soothe and released a lot of mental pain. For me mental pain physically manifests like a burning sensation on my forearms. How does it feel for you ?

I hardly slept, my blood pressure stayed high and I constantly had burning forearms. I stayed present with the feelings and I knew my mind was breaking down to rebuild itself. My identity was dissolving and a new Salila was emerging.

My weight fell to 108 pounds but my muscles, I had worked so hard to build, were still intact. I lost an inch off my body all over. My skin was clear, my cheeks were red and my hair felt longer.

I was okay even with my extreme lack of sleep, I was energetic and ready for yoga every morning at 6.30 a.m. I was able to to hold my shoulder stands and pleasantly surprised to find my body a lot more flexible in other poses. In my heart I knew my vital processes were taking care of themselves.

Will I do it again?

I am still in the thick of the repercussions of my identity shift. Will I ever want to go back to being the old me. NEVER!

All organisms, whether an amoeba, a young tendril reaching out for the sun or an Elephant matriarch leading its family through an ancient migratory path, is in alignment with its nature and what is life giving to itself and to those who depend on them. We humans unnaturally take on roles that diminish our life force. We do it for the sake of normalcy and meeting expectations of others. Panchakarma, rebalances our mind and brings it in tune with our true nature, to protect the organism and to go towards what is life affirming.

We are almost at the finish line. Onward we go!

Foot note: Pizhichil was used to massage the Royals of Kerala, helping them de-stress at the end of the day. The Royals of Kerala were polar opposites of the Royals of the rest of India, who are known more for their Rolls Royce collections and their extravagant hunting expeditions. The Royals of Kerala continue to be accessible, humble, public servants, who laid the foundations for the high literacy, socio-economic development and living standards that Kerala enjoys today. I attribute it to their vedic learning, yoga and regular ayurvedic Panchakarmas.

There is nothing like a Panchakarma to knock your hard edges off and separate the chaff from the essential.

Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 9- Induced Vomiting- You need a handy friend here..

Vamana Induced vomiting Panchakarma Ayurvedic detoxification

Induced vomiting during Panchakarma looks a bit like this.


( Wuh-muh-nuh)

Duration : 3 hours

We Americans are considered such pansies that this vital procedure is completely avoided in the U.S of A. We have all had one too many and thrown up, we have been sick and we have had stomach bugs but this particular method of induced vomiting works in mysterious ways on the psyche.

I am yet to uncover a reason for why Vamana is such a disturber of the psyche. The doctors have told me that men usually have a fight or flight response and women get withdrawn. Which means this is a highly stressful process.

My day started at 6.30 a.m with an innocent Abhayangam and a steam bath. Then on to the private room for Vamana.

I started my process with a physician and a very capable attendant standing alert to vigorously massage my back and support my head. Arrays of drinks were displayed. There was a jug of strong black salt solution, over 8-12 cups of delicious cold milk, double that of water and numerous other decoctions on a table, which was almost covered with glasses and flasks.

The process starts with a very strong salt solution, chased with an extraordinary amount of milk. I was given time to vomit on my own but since I was keeping the urge down, I was asked to induce myself by sticking two fingers up my throat.

I was given ample tissues and a large bin. The attendant did a great job of keeping my stomach from getting cramped, which I always do when I naturally throw up.

The rest is a blur, all I know is I threw up one too many times. There was at least 10 gallons of liquid in the bin. I was told I had done a good job. My eyelids were swollen from the pressure of inducing and my eyes were bloodshot.

I was led to my room where I cried a bit.

What happened afterwards was a complete breakdown. I did have major issues to work through, issues I had not even been aware of. But there they were, undeniable. Little peas that barely disturbed my sleep a day before had now grown into mountains overnight and were saying to me.

You shall not pass till you see us for what we are.

I lost sleep for the next 4-5 days. My blood pressure shot up to 140/90 and stayed that way for the next 5 days, bringing back memories of my near death experience during childbirth in 2010.

Yoga, meditation and complete faith in God and every angel in human form, who reached out and touched me, pulled me out of those dark days.

Will I do it again?

Knowing what I know today, YES!

The worst was over, onward to the good stuff.

Please share your Vamana experience if you have survived one.

Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 4-8- Snehapana: Into the woods we go…

Ayurvedic cleansing detoxification

Abhyangam, ayurvedic massage. It is not meant to be relaxing, it is supposed to squeeze and drain out toxins.

Now that the good doctors at the Retreat took care of my dermal and nasal toxins and opened up my pores for what was to come, my body was ready for the next phase.

The dreaded Snehapana (Sney-huh-paa-nuh) and Vamana( Wuh-muh-nuh).

Sound like two evil twin sisters from a bad Bollywood flick.But like in the Hindu pantheon of Gods, even the dark lords are required to further promote the cause of good.

Snehapana: Drinking progressively increasing amounts of medicated ghee till it literally comes out of your pores(Dadimadi Gritham in my case). This is followed by:

Vamana: Induced vomiting to rid the stomach of toxins. No one offers this in the Land of the free and the home of the brave, I would like to hear if you do. We Americans are considered too delicate for this very vital part of Panchakarma.

Why is this important?

The Gastrointestinal tract is the most absorptive organ in the body. It breaks down food and takes it to every cell in the body. Without Snehapana the medicated ghee will not find its way to every cell in the body. Without Snehapana, the medicated ghee will not bind with the toxins in each cell. Without Snehapana, the toxins, now bound to the ghee, cannot make their way back to the Gastrointestinal Tract for flushing out.

Once the medicated ghee has made its way into the intestines, the leftover is forced out of the stomach by Vamana.

Why use Ghee, why not chicken fat?

Ghee is structurally the closest to our lipids and is superior in hitching the toxins for the ride out of the body.

Day 4:

Duration: 2 hrs

I was allowed to rest and eat well balanced, good meals, copious amounts of fruit and even a bit of indiscretion in the form of a cupcake. Abhyangam or ayurvedic massage with large quantities of oil was done .I was massaged with Pinda Thailam. It is done by two masseuses, mirroring each other, using long squeezing strokes. I was made to sit, lie and sit again in seven positions while the massage was done.

Again, as stated before, a vigorous rubbing and pulling of muscles is done to loosen toxins. This is the polar opposite of a soothing Swedish deep tissue massage or a shiatsu (if that is what you want, please don’t pay ayurveda prices for a relaxing deep tissue massage) . The treatment room is bright to keep the patient from sleeping and the masseuse to see how the skin is doing and any problem areas that need to be avoided.

The patient remains alert as an active participant in his healing. The masseuses are not supposed to make idle chat. Instead they concentrate on providing healing in a silent, sacred space.

Abhyangam is followed by a 15 minute steam bath and a lovely warm bath with herbal bath powders.

Day 5

Duration: 3 seconds

Snehapana begins at 6.30 a.m. One is expected to brush one’s teeth and be done with the morning rituals to drink 25 ml of medicated ghee. Piece of cake!

My system was in shock, I generally felt strange in the tummy region.

I was advised to stay out of the elements. I covered my head and ears with a scarf or woollen shawl to prevent catching a cold or fever. And was also advised not to exert myself as the ghee starts to loosen the muscles and joints.

Diet: Rice congee with salt, only when I was hungry.(Yup, you read that right! )

Abhyangam followed by steam bath and a warm bath (Duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours).

Day 6

6.30 a.m. comes the knock for my 50 ml of Dadimadi Ghritham. I close my eyes and drink it up.

Diet: Rice congee with salt, when I got hungry at 1 p.m. Same for dinner.

Abhyangam followed by steam bath and a warm bath (Duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours).

Day 7

100 ml of ghee at 6.30 a.m. You know by now you are getting there; you can feel it come out of your pores. There is a sheen on your skin and your underarms (excuse me!) are starting to feel icky.

Diet: Thin Rice congee with salt, only when I got hungry at 3 p.m. Same for dinner.

Abhyangam followed by steam bath and a warm bath. The darn underarms won’t degrease no matter how many times you soap them.

Day 8

125 ml of ghee at 6.30 a.m. Blindfolded for drinking this large amount and given a lemon to suqeeze and smell, which I totally used for half the day.

Abhyangam followed by steam bath and a warm bath (Duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours).

Diet: Copious amounts of boiled Rice water through the day and in preparation for Vamana, on Day 9, I was offered a bowl of delicious sweet black bean and sesame porridge for dinner. I was also given a bowlful of laddoos (Indian sweets). I could barely eat one.

My experience in retrospect:

The gruel diet was the hardest part for me; I am ex-chef and love my food. The Ghee actually made me feel good. My body was so dry internally that the Ghee diet was strangely energizing. By day 8, I could really see my skin glow with an oily sheen. My cheeks and lips were red, I am nutty brown otherwise. This is the sign the doctors are looking for. My veins looked a bit more prominent than usual but my body seemed fine otherwise.

Would I do it again?

Knowing what I know now, YES!

Day 9: Vamana

Vamana needs a blog post of its own, it’s that precious. Sally forth brave Ayurvedic Cleansing warrior.

Panchakarma Detoxification: Day 1-3 : Exfoliation and Nose busting.

How does Panchakarma work

The inner blossoming through Panchakarma. Behold, the human aligns to his true nature.

If you are thinking of getting a Panchakarma done and are hopping with excitement, flight tickets and a reservation confirmation in hand, let this outline sober you. I always do better when I know what’s coming at me, I am sure you will too.

To recap,Panchakarma is a completely organic Ayurvedic cleansing procedure which introduces medicines through the dermal, oral, nasal and rectal passages to flux out toxins in the body and mind. Here is my panchakarma schedule, please bear in mind, yours may look different based on your ailment, body type and health goal. But the processes and how they are done will be the same.Each prepares the body for the next process and shortcuts only take away from the desired result.

Anything other than this is not Panchakarma or the Physician has decided that following a similar schedule may not be good for your ailment.

Day 1-2-3 Udhwartanam and Nasyam:

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Actors: Two attendants, one wooden bed and a jumpy patient.

Enter patient, strip and dress in a disposable undergarment and lie on the wooden bed called ‘pathy’.

Massage is done by two masseuses at each side in tandem. The patient is made to sit and lie in 7 positions like sitting up, lying down, turn to right, turn to left, on your stomach etc. Massage is done in long squeezing, rubbing strokes. Exfoliation is achieved through liberal rubbing with herbal powders. I was massaged with Eladi Choornam which is cardamom based.This is called ‘Udhwartanam‘ ( oo-dwa-rtha-num)

Udhwarthanam is followed by vigorous facial massage and massage of forehead and sinuses (the frontal, Ethmoid and Maxillary) using herbal medicated oil. A vigorous massage is needed to loosen the phlegm and help drain it, so go with it.

Once the facial massage is done, the head is tilted back and 7-10 drops of medicated oil is applied in each nostril. This is called ‘Nasyam‘ ( nuh-syum). The quantity and type of nasal medicine is determined by your ailment, tolerance and body type. One is supposed to pull the medicine into the oral cavity through the soft palate and spit out the phlegm, which is laden with toxins and must never be swallowed.

Oiling the nostrils is followed by blindfolding and steaming of the face and back. More phlegm comes up as the pores soften. The attendants help spit it out.

This is followed by fumigating the irritated nasal passages with an herbal cigar. This is called ‘Dhoomrapanam’ (dhoo-mra-paa-num) literally smoking. Medicinal smoke is taken into each nostril and expelled out through the mouth. This did soothe my assaulted nasal passages.

Smoking is followed by gargling with about 300ml of medicated mouthwash. It tasted salty, peppery and ginger like. The procedure is finished off with generous oiling of the body and a steam bath for 15 minutes.

Finally top off the day at the good doctors, with a nice warm bath.

My experience in retrospect:

Udhwarthanam was not pleasurable for me but this is how the skin is effectively exfoliated. Lights are not dimmed so the masseuses can see the effect on the skin, look for sore spots, redness etc. and avoid the area. Patient is not supposed to relax and go to sleep; patient is an active participant in his healing. By the 2nd and 3rd day, massage can get painful, depending on your sensitivity.

Nasyam was a shocker for me. I had never taken anything up my nose and the mild organic irritants in the oil, do just that. They irritate the nasal passages to bring the out trapped phlegm. Ayurveda believes phlegm creates mood disorders. On the first day, I misunderstood and the oil went down the wrong way in my throat. A burning chest till wee hours of the morning is not a memory I cherish.

As a well brought up Indian gal, my last brush with smoking was in the college dorm and that had not fared well as I inhaled the smoke into my stomach and got a stomach ache. This time too I was off to a bad start with smoke in my eyes and much swearing but by day three I was blowing smoke rings. If you have never smoked, expect discomfort.

During these days I was also on 6 different types of pills,oils and potions, four times a day. I also had dietery restrictions and a travel freeze, which I ignored and suffered an excruciating headache. The medicines slowed down my digestion and I could eat only small quantities of freshly made, simple food.

At the retreat that I did my treatment, my oils, herbal powders and toiletries were kept exclusively for me. My herbal exfoliant was kept labeled with my name for re-use. After treatment the wooden bed was washed down with soap and water. This is an important hygiene measure; please check with your facility. Ask different people, conflicting answers are a red flag.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat. By day three my skin had never looked better, my head was clear and I felt great.

Congratulations, you just graduated to read Day 4-8 !

My Panchakarma Experience : The quick and dirty.

Ayurveda cleanse

Panchakarma, the ultimate organic mind-body cleanser and youth restorer.

If Panchakarma were to be introduced at the Oscars it would be spoken of in the haloed tones reserved for the likes of Sir Ian Murray McKellen and Dame Judith Dench. Its a youth elixir, cellular level cleanser (hold on to your disbelief till you hear the explanation) and flusher out of most bodily and mental maladies.

Panchakarma literally means ‘five evacuative procedures’.The five procedures are:

  • Nasya : Medication through the nasal cavity to remove kapha/phlegm from the sinuses and head.
  • Vamana: Cleansing of bile and toxins from the gut, yup, by inducing vomiting.
  • Virecena: Cleaning out the small intestines, think double enema.
  • Vasti : Enema, plain and simple, but performed two ways. One with a large quantity of herbal decoction and another with an oil based medicine.This counts as two procedures.

The yoga and ayurveda retreat I did my panchakarma at, did not practice the fifth ‘Rakthamoksha’ using the darling little critters called leeches.

The course of Panchakarma is determined by the Ayurvedic Physician after she checks your prakriti, pulse, and tongue to determine which of your doshas are pertrubed. She guages whether your Ayurvedic body type is a vata, a pitta or a kapha and that combined with your ailment, charts out how your panchakarma will be performed.

I was getting treated for a gyneacological problem so my panchakarma was 19 days long. During panchakarma organically prepared medications are introduced through the dermal, rectal, oral and nasal tracts.The body is prepped to accept the evacuative procedures by exfoliation with herbal powder, massage with medicated oils, steam baths to open pores,a strict diet,and a constant supply of several oral medications, three times a day.

A qualified Ayurvedic physician must always be supervising the timings, medications, diet, temperament of the patient,contraindications and adherence to the regimen. The body gets prepped successively to receive the next phase of treatment so I am not sure 7 day flash treatments work. A 14 to 21 day treatment is ideal depending on your symptoms.

My ayurvedic body type is vata, as are most Americans. I am prone to extreme dryness.My eyeballs are so dry I have not worn contacts for the last six years. My skin is super dry. Otherwise I thought I was pretty healthy, my medical reports are stellar but I had a minor gyneacological problem my Kaiser Permanante doctors attributed to my advanced age of forty. I am prone to little anxieties and thinking to much.I like to call myself introspective.

Post Panchakarma I notice all my social anxieties and driving related anxieties completely gone. I change lanes singing a tune. I am a completely relaxed driver as opposed to my stomach in knots everytime something unexpected came up.

I find myself nine pounds lighter, from 118 pounds I have gone to 109 pounds, the same weight I had in my twenties. I had been dieting and doing power work outs since January hoping to nudge that 118lbs to 115lbs atleast. I am a five foot nothing so even three pounds make or break a dress size.

I look ten years younger, so say my family and friends. The bumps on my face I developed during pregnancy are almost invisible. My skin is clearer and so much less dry. I am still bathing with the oil (Sahacharadi Tailam) I was given during discharge and am taking a teaspoon of medicated ghee (Dadimadi Gritham) every night to keep my vata from getting pertrubed. Pertrubed vata is no fun !

The result of a completely natural body cleanse through panchakarma is that not only do bodily issues get resolved, even mental blocks disappear, bringing a complete restoration back to your natural self. In my case, I have decided to let go of several key relationships that were toxic to me. I have also broken through my purpose in life, you can’t miss it, its all over the blog.

Disclaimer: I do not get any commisions from the recommendations on this page and else where on my blog. I recommend them because I find them to be excellent and of good value.

Please share if you have an Ayurveda detox experience. I would love to read and respond. Thank you !

Ayurveda – philosophy on disease and cure.

Ayurveda explained

Everything we see, eat, touch, feel and hear heals us.

A balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha creates a wholesome, healthy individual. When the proportions of wind, bile and phlegm are seriously disturbed, they manifest as disease.

Wind : Vata, which is responsible for movement

Bile : Pitta, which governs digestive fire

Phlegm : Kapha, responsible for bulk and firmness

Disease may show up as a local disorder, for example,plantar fasciitis, in my case.

Our prevalent medical science treats the local disorder,often in isolation. On the other hand,no matter what ailment we moan about, the Ayurvedic physician sets to work on the Vata, Pitta and Kapha balance of the entire body and consequently, the mind.

Ayurveda believes as the body’s channels open up, locally manifested disease resolves itself. And what better way to re-balance, cleanse and detoxify than with the ultimate weapon in Ayurveda’s arsenal, Panchakarma!

We have been routinely disturbing our Vata, Pitta, Kapha balance by:

  • Suppressing our natural bodily urges which eliminate waste like yawning, tears, feces, urine, flatus, ejaculation, sneezing, vomiting etc.
  • Deficient or excessive intake of nourishment when hungry or thirsty.(The food-mind-body connection is big in Ayurveda)

As the doshas get out of whack, the individual displays:

  • Dietary indiscretions (Well, hello triple bacon cheese burger!)
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Emotional upheavals

In a healthy person, the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and the dhatus (food,drink and waste) move through the countless channels which criss-cross our body, uninterrupted and in harmony. When we turn unwholesome, Panchakarma is the undisputed, undeniable way to open up our blockages and get it all flowing again.

The labels given to the forces within our body and how they work may sound ‘unscientific’ and ‘archaic’ but the procedures and the medicines work. Many times they defy belief.

If you have a story of miraculous recovery through Ayurveda, I would love to read it.

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Source: Dr.

M. S Valliathan’s, The legend of Charaka, a translation of Charaka Samhita.