About me

Call me Salila (Suh-lee-lah).

I have lived and traveled almost everywhere in India and the Western Hemisphere. I currently live in California with my daughter, a saintly mongrel dog, and a little runt of a black cat.

I have one foot firmly planted in Kerala and the other in California.

I am a graduate from the National Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi subsequent to which I worked in the hospitality industry.

I know and love people of all shapes, sizes, temperaments and orientations. I am intuitive, can sometimes read a good mind and nothing makes me purr like a meaningful conversation.

I speak, think, and dream in English, Hindi, and Malayalam. The world is my family and the black mole on my foot says, I will travel, a lot.

It’s a joy to plan unforgettable Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga journeys for you, your friends and family.

Join Ayurgamaya on a personally guided health restoring trip to Kerala or call us to book a stay at a magical retreat!


Contact me
by calling 714 599 4792. Feel free to text me or leave a message on Skype 
Next trip leaves July 2017.

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